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Common winter plumbing problems


There’s never a good time for leaks or plumbing issues to arise, and in winter, we’re often guilty of thinking these challenges will even pop up at all. From the everyday issues that roll around when the colder weather sets in, through to more dramatic issues that cause significant repair bills – there’s plenty of plumbing aspects to keep an eye on when the cooler months arrive once more. So, here’s how to avoid them in 2019.



Protect your pipes against the cold with efficient insulation


Frozen pipes can lead to leakage or even flooding, which is something you definitely want to avoid around your property at all costs. If you find that one of the pipes in your home is frozen, turn off the main water supply immediately. Find the stop valve and switch it off so that you can avoid any significant damage from occurring.


You can generally find this part of your system under the kitchen sink or outside. If you catch it before any flooding occurs, the pipe will still need to be thawed. Make sure to protect everything surrounding the pipe, just in case it bursts before the issue is resolved. The only, so make sure you take the time to do this properly.


Pro tip: We always highly recommend calling a licenced plumber to attend to these cases, as they can require in-depth work to be resolved effectively. Above all, do not try and attempt to rectify the issue alone. Professionals are equipped with the expertise that allow for bigger problems to be bypassed down the track, so enlisting the skills of a specialist can make the whole process a lot simpler (and less costly).


The danger zone


When a pipe freezes, it can expand. This is where the pressure builds up in combination with it being filled with water, which can lead to it bursting. These cases are prevalent in winter, and can become a serious concern – no matter the severity. All instances should always be attended to as soon as possible, especially as burst system can cause damage not only to the integrity of the structure, but can also inflict serious wiring issues.


In the event of a burst pipe, after turning off the water supply, drain the system by turning on all of the cold water taps and flushing the toilets until the water stops completely. Then, call in a plumber as quickly as you can, in order to prevent any further damage from occurring.


Knowing what to do when a plumbing emergency occurs in the middle of winter can be the make or break. Ultimately, it’s also the deciding factor between dealing with hefty repair bills, or more serious cases across the board. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so get in touch with our team as soon as you notice signs of a leak. We’re always more than happy to provide reliable advice and guidance around the issue at hand.