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Common winter plumbing problems

There’s never a good time for leaks or plumbing issues to arise, and in winter, we’re often guilty of thinking these challenges will even pop up at all. From the everyday issues that roll...

This is how good plumbing works will save you water and money

Your taps and pipes could be costing you a lot of money and you might not even know the source of the problem. Good plumbing works, regular maintenance (and the installation of technology designed to ...

Please don’t drain these items down the kitchen sink

Most of us don't think twice about flushing a wide range of everyday kitchen and household ingredients down the kitchen sink, but – if you've got blocked drains – this is probably where...

How often should I get my gas fittings checked?

Every year, just as winter starts, the word goes out – make sure you check your gas fittings for leaks. Gas heating is generally a safe and effective way to warm up your home, but many overlook...