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This is how good plumbing works will save you water and money


Your taps and pipes could be costing you a lot of money and you might not even know the source of the problem. Good plumbing works, regular maintenance (and the installation of technology designed to save you from water wastage in the future) can save you a fair bit of dosh in the long-run.


Here are some ways that quality plumbing work can give you a better return on investment, cut expenses down the line and help you save water as you go.


Low-flow showerheads and toilets

When it comes to low-flow showerheads, there have been plenty of models on the market for a while now. These have had varying levels of popularity, with some of the older models sacrificing water pressure for economy, while models with switches were seldom turned on – negating any benefits.


These days, there are a range of newer models that still deliver fantastic water pressure – something your plumber can demonstrate for you. These will deliver you a great showering experience, all the while providing water savings at the same time.

Toilets can use almost 20 litres every time you flush, which can result in pretty hefty water bills,  especially in a full house or one with multiple toilets.


Luckily, there have been significant advancements in low-flow toilet technology over the years and you can now get a fully-effective flush that only uses about six litres of water. Perfect.


Expose hidden leaks

Sometimes our water bills will spike suddenly and we cannot always pinpoint the reason why. We check every tap, every fixture and search for leaks high and low but still the bill remains high.


This usually means a leak has developed underground or in a wall. Your plumber can use advanced technology to locate these leaks and repair them to stop unnecessary water leakages which impact your bill.


Utilise rainwater

Adding a rainwater tank is a great way to save money, as this water can be harnessed for a range of uses.

Traditionally, these tanks were equipped with taps to allow you to water your lawn with recycled water. Now, your plumber can run this water into your home for use in your toilet or dishwasher to deliver you further savings.


Technology to find blockages

You don't need to dig up the yard or pull apart all of your pipes to find out where there are blockages. Your plumber can use advanced technology like CCTV inspection systems, which allow for a snake-like camera to go into your pipes and feed footage back to a central device.


This technology saves time, hassle and mess and allows you to clear your pipes and drains with ease.


Replacing old taps and fixtures

There are two reasons why you should have your old taps and fixtures inspected. Firstly, they can begin to degrade over time, and leaks and drips can result in water wastage. Secondly, newer taps and fixtures boast greater efficiencies and are designed to stand the test of time as well.


Above all, if you’re not sure where to start, contact the experts at AC Plumbing to find out how you can cut the cost and wastage relating to your water services.